About Kooky Cakes

Happy Birthday To YouFor the makers, the bakers and the cake decorators…

I learnt to bake at my mother’s side. She taught many things including

  • always arrive 5 minutes early for any appointment
  • always bring cake

Her teaching has served me well.

When my son was born I left the rat race but wanted to continue to contribute to our family income.  Quite by accident (a story for another time) I ended up with a cake decorating business which I ran from my home for  3 years.

In that time I baked and decorated over 800 cakes and now I hope to share all the things I learned on the way with you.

This site has:

  • Easy to follow recipes that are tried and tested in my home kitchen so they work every time
  • Bake from scratch cake recipes with fresh ingredients so your cakes taste amazing
  • Tips and tricks for working with fondant and other cake decorating techniques
  • Different ways to cover and fill cakes
  • Ways to make your cakes look even more professional than they do now.

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